With all of the new “green” products from dish-soap to automotives, it was only a matter of time before the housing market jumped on the “eco-friendly” bandwagon.

The term for this real estate is called “Greenrealestate” and it separates itself from regular home selling by offering a distinct mission to clients. Greenrealestate tries to make energy conservation a part of daily life. Through their marketing and selling of energy efficient homes (both new and resale), Green Realtors work through a set of goals to ensure their mission.

The main goal of Greenrealestate is to develop a rating system that will be applied to all homes when testing for energy-efficiency. This system enables people to understand and apply what makes a house environmentally friendly.

There are representatives of Greenrealestate here in Oakville who are members of the National Association of Green Agents and Brokers. Bryan Adlam from Sutton Group Quantum Group Realty, believes the importance of having a Green Realtor is to effectively market your home by emphasizing green options. If you are looking to buy your first green home, these agents offer assistance navigating the Eco-friendly features of homes.

Here are a couple of ways that listing your house with a Green Realtor could benefit you:

  • Help reduce energy waste through increased energy conservation,
  • Promote environmental awareness,
  • Reduce monthly home energy costs,

Not Selling or Buying?

While you might not be preparing to put your home on the market this spring, Bryan Adlam, and other agents like him, are taking time to offer suggestions on how to make your house green… on a budget.

Try this tip:
“Just say no to vinyl. Exchange your PVC-vinyl shower curtain or liner for one made with hemp. The fiber is naturally antifungal and antibacterial. After showers, leave the curtain extended for even drying. To wash, scrub with a bit of borax or distilled vinegar added to water and hang to dry. Hemp curtains start at $69;”
More tips can be found on Bryan Adlam’s site, where there is a list that tackles each room in the house, suggesting ways to ‘eco-vate’ your home.
Try out these suggestions and then have your friends over for a visit, and you can bet your energy bill that they will all leave “green” with envy!