Eight out of ten real estate agents believe energy-efficient homes will sell faster and for more money?Eco-friendliness is by no means a new concept, but with politicians getting all in a flutter regarding global warming and renewable energy sources, the big push for energy saving is top of their agenda. And, ? there’s certainly no harm in highlighting loft and cavity insulation or double-glazed windows, all of which could cut heating costs for potential buyers. The same goes for appliances such as fridge/freezers and washing machines that come with a good energy efficiency rating. It should go without saying that more radical measures, such as solar panels on the roof, should take pride of place in a seller’s eco-friendly spiel. And if you find your home is lacking in energy saving selling points, the advice ? is that it’s worth the extra investment. .. “Green issues are here to stay and the demand for energy efficient homes is increasing as consumers become more environmentally savvy. “To increase their chances of making a quick and successful sale…a few energy saving measures could push their property to the top of buyers? lists.” Whether sellers of energy-efficient homes succeed in getting a better price remains to be seen, but, as the saying, goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.